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questions out there but the rulemaking is going to need to clarify for us. but kind is based on even where you think it's coming out today, how is it going to change what you do? >> well, specifically on the pension side because they did something that was pretty smart a couple years ago they entered into a long-duration program, where we moved more of the pension investments from equity into fixed income. and so also looking at doing more physical interest rate swap. the same is to minimize the interest rate volatility. if you want to add on additional 10 to $15 billion in interest rate depending on how legislation decides to set the initial variation margin, you may forgo doing some of that because so much capital is being set aside and entered into a hedging portfolio pictures they knew what to limit volatility. but now you're adding this cash component because you have to set aside that much working capital. honestly hopefully the look of the maybe complex securities and do other things and do more net income aware that risk is minimized and so the cache is being set aside. but for us
as legal issues for that. i can tell you that something along the order of 97% of our viewers in use is within the united states and canada. >> can a united states person access aoreign craigslist site? >> anyone anywhere can access the craigslist site anywhere. >> so what is the significance of taking down the site in the united states? >> the site in the u.s. was set up as part of an arrangement with a series of attorneys general last year. i think the intent was to do a number of things, capture credit-card intermission, captor phone information. we decided on september 3 to remove that category, and again have no intention of restoring it. >> if i am in washington d.c., accessing the canadian side, can i advertise services that would be available in washington, d.c on the canadian side? >> yes, you could, but there were be simply no value whatsoever, because the individuals who view the site in montreal are living in montreal. >> how about someone in washington d.c. viewing the canadian site? >> i am not sure i understand. bixby said you could access any site from anywhere. if i
have that in the schools? a few of us. at that time, american's own their own debt. if the interest payment was made, it made in our economy. now a growing share of our debt is owned by china, saudia arabia, and so forth. we also have debt payments going out of our economy each and every day. behind every program there are advocates. there is no program where there is not someone who wants it. there is a second of the jet engine that is being developed for one of our new jet fighters. it is to separate engines being developed. the secretary of defense says it is not needed. the joint of staff says it is not needed. i voted to wipe out that second engine. i can tell you that the places that the part of the bill are screaming in protesting and they want the second engine built. they will keep trying to build it. there are additional copies of an earlier fight terror that had the same -- earlier fighter that had that same store. -- story. that is in the budget. i voted against it. normally they come up in appropriations and you just get a bill on the floor. we do have a challenge. the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3